• On How to Model (Language English)

The purpose of this work is to teach readers to establish a hypothesis and prove it in a scientific manner, and in general, to teach people how to think using a method, in the following manner:

a.- First, a brief review of the theory of general knowledge is provided.

b.- Secondly, practical advice is offered, and lessons to help people establish hypotheses, prove them, and in general, learn how to think more clearly.

Given the foregoing, this paper is useful for:
-Young people ages 12 through 14, with adult help, who wish to better understand and express the objectives, projects, activities, etc. that they wish to undertake; -University students, technological school students, etc. of different levels (undergraduate, master’s degree, doctorate, diploma courses, etc.) and -The public at large desirous of learning how to use scientific methodology and how to think more clearly through the use of a good method.

The language employed is straightforward, though it does require a certain amount of practice in order to increasingly use it in a more effective manner.

On How to Model (Language English)

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