• First Cultural Group Comprising Six Essays (Language Spanish)

First cultural group, comprising the following essays:

An inspirational phrase for personal edification
An essay on personal improvement
A definition of history 
A definition of politics
A modification to a definition of economy and 
Letter to Mr. Lionel Jospin

About this essay:

The phrase, as stated, is simply meant to inspire those people who read it; it also serves to inspire institutions, organizations, etc. to improve and overcome circumstances in general, contributing in a simple manner to its everyday practice and use.

The essay on personal improvement is a document that inspires people to help themselves in general and to be happier, or simply happy, as the case may be, through change, based on universal principles and foundations.

The definition of history helps people to become familiar with and better understand many of the daily phenomena of change that takes place in their lives and within themselves.

The modification of a definition of economy subordinates this science to 2 principles:
efficiency and justice, and this aspect brings outstanding chanches; finally, the Letter to
Mr. Lionel Jospin presents a new idea relatied to the income tax formula for businesses.

All six essays are easy reading designed for the public at large begining at 12 or 14 years old.

First Cultural Group Comprising Six Essays (Language Spanish)

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